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Samaritan Choir, Milan

Promoting Awareness of the Israelite Samaritan Heritage Thank you for your interest in the Israelite Samaritans. We invite you to support AB Institute of Samaritan Studies by making a donation. The Institute is a non-profit organisation, registered since 24 January 1982. Your donation helps the Institute to raise awareness around the world of the Israelite Samaritans’ unique heritage through

  • The AB Samaritan Newsletter (published in ancient Samaritan Hebrew, Arabic, Modern Hebrew and English)
  • Lectures, Workshops and Study Tours
  • Samaritan Choir Performances
  • Collection of Samaritan artefacts
  • Israelite Samaritan Website
  • Resources for Samaritan studies

Donations to the Institute may be made here. Please select your currency below, or contact us if you would like to donate in another currency.

Donations are processed through Greenwave Promotions Ltd. We can issue a receipt from the AB Institute of Samaritan Studies charity on request.

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On behalf of the Israelite Samaritan community

we thank you for your support!



Document confirming the status of AB Institute of Samaritan Studies as a non-profit organisation:



English Translation of the Certificate of Registration of AB Samaritan Studies as a Non-Profit Organisation.

Issued by the Israeli Ministry of Interior, Registrar of Non-Profit Organisations.
Non-Profit Organisation Number: 58-000-804-3.
The Registrar of Non-Profit Organisations certifies that this document is identical to the original, dated 13 January 1987.

CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF A NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION (According to the Non-Profit Organisation Law 1980). This document hereby certifies that the Non-Profit Organisation AB Institute of Samaritan Studies Named after Yefet Avraham Tsedaka, Head of the Samaritan Community in Israel Located at: 15a Ben Amram Street, Holon 58110 Principal goals –

  • the purchase, photography, collection and evaluation of the large quantity of material which has been written about the Samaritans over the last 400 years
  • the evaluation and cataloguing of material collected on the hundreds of subjects connected with Samaritan studies

Has been registered as a non-profit organisation

Registration number 58-000-804-3 on 24 January 1982

Signed by the Registrar of Non-Profit Organisations










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