Legal Victory in Holon

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15 February 2017

A.B. The Samaritan News

Number 1230-1231

Samaritan Year 3655

1 february 2017
Pesach Preparations

Headlines on 15 February 2017

Legal Victory in Holon

Samaritans have won a 2-year struggle with the municipal authorities to retain the character and structure of their neighbourhoods in Holon, including Neve Yehudit and Neve Eresim. The authorities had tried to insist that Samaritans integrate with other neighbourhoods nearby.

Solution for Cold Winter Nights

Young Samaritans in Har Gerizim are beating the cold winter nights by playing sports and games, including table tennis and pool.

Eating Meat While Abroad

How Israelite Samaritans Eat Away from Home

Israelite Samaritans don’t eat meat – that is to say, pure animals or birds – outside their community. This is because they give a foreleg of slaughtered sheep and cattle to the Levites, as commanded in Leviticus.

Therefore, when traveling:

  1. Israelite Samaritans only eat meat slaughtered by an Israelite Samaritan, because he keeps the commandment. All forelegs collected from slaughtering are divided between the priestly families in the community.
  2. After they have eaten any meat brought from home, Israelite Samaritans become vegetarian.
  3. They can eat any fish that has fins and scales, including halibut, salmon, trout, red snapper, grouper, sole, Dover sole, haddock, hake, sea bass, flatfish, tuna and carp.
  4. As the editor of a cookbook in Hebrew, The Wonders of the Israelite Samaritan Kitchen – 4000 years of Israelite Samaritan cuisine in the land of Israel, by the sisters Batia Tsedaka and Zippora Sassoni (Holon, Israel, 2012), I can say that our kitchen is the best and purest. The book contains 284 recipes from Israelite Samaritan cooks. We hope that the book will also appear in English, later in 2017.

See this page for more on Samaritan dietary rules

15 february 2017
Ratson ben Binyamim Tsedaka

Ratson Ben Binyamim Tsedaka Hatzafari

Ratson ben Binyamim Tsedaka Hatzafari of Blessed Memory was born 95 years ago (22 February 1922 – 20 January 1990).

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Legal Victory in Holon


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