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As Israelite Samaritans we trace our roots back for 127 consecutive generations in the Holy Land

We adhere to four Principles of Faith.

Our High Priest, is our leading religious representative. The Israelite Samaritan Torah remains our holy scripture. Down the ages we have preserved our ancient Hebrew language, costume, cuisine, culture, music, poetry, and religious identity.

Direct Link With The Past

Today we are a direct link with the past, through our way of life and our heritage. During a sometimes difficult past we have learned to coexist harmoniously with our neighbours. Elements of our tradition are familiar to other cultures, and we hope to be a bridge for peace (gesher leshalom) between the peoples of the Middle East. (See Women For Peace). Samaritanism is the root of the Abrahamic religions in the region, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Druze and Bahai faiths. Though rooted deeply in the past, we are a vibrant modern community with contemporary enterprises and interests. See Enterprises.

The Israelite Samaritan Community almost disappeared completely. (See Population Statistics). The community comprises four Households, all in the Holy Land. Mount Gerizim is our Mount of Blessings, our traditional place of worship; Jerusalem was never sacred to us. The Israelite Samaritans live on Mount Gerizim and in Holon south of the modern city of Tel Aviv.

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Integrated Communities

The Gerizim and Holon communities are integrated with the lifestyles of their neighbours. In addition, the two Israelite Samaritan groups are closely linked. The Holon community all have homes on Mount Gerizim, and major festivals are celebrated together, perhaps the most famous being Pessach (Passover), when we sacrifice the Paschal Lamb and observe the traditions passed down the generations.

The A.B Institute of Samaritan Studies in Holon is the authority for reliable information on all things Samaritan. The institute functions as a source of reference material, continuing the well-known tradition of the Good Samaritan. Click the link for a Samaritan perspective on the Good Samaritan story – it might surprise you. Brothers Benyamim and Yefet Tsedaka have directed the institute since they founded it in 1981.

Please email info (at) israelite-samaritans (dot) com to receive our regular updates on Samaritan matters.

Subscribers to a separate mailing list (same email address) receive lists of the Torah Readings appropriate to the year and month in the Samaritan Calendar.

Benyamim Tsedaka is a historian, publisher and the author of many Books on Israelite Samaritan themes. He tours the world lecturing on his people’s culture and traditions. Details of this year’s tour can be found on the Lecture Tour page.

Twice a month Benny and his brother Yefet Tsedaka publish a newspaper and magazine in four languages, called AB The Samaritan News. Excerpts appear in the News section of this website.

Israelite Samaritans: Medals, Music and More

The Samaritan Medal for Achievement in Peace, Humanitarian or Samaritan Studies is awarded to suitable recipients, who may be of any faith or nationality.

The Israelite Samaritan Singers choir performs worldwide. The Choir introduces traditional Israelite Samaritan music to listeners from other cultures. It is one of the oldest forms of music in the world.

For more information about the Israelite Samaritans please write to us at the address below:

Israelite Samaritan Information Institute, 15A Ben Amram Street, Holon, Israel



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