Priest Asaf b. Tabia, Mrs Hannah Hertzman, Miriam Tsedaka

Miriam is the first professional artist from the Israelite Samaritan community to specialise in Samaritan subjects. She depicts Samaritan figures, festive events, and other themes in her art. In Spring 2012, in a contest between 700 artists in Israel, Miriam won an award for her painting of a Samaritan pilgrim at prayer. “I was inspired by the pious devotion conveyed in a photograph of my father-in-law, and based this prize-winning painting on that photograph”, explains Miriam.

Early Career

Miriam grew up in northern Israel, the daughter of Romanian immigrants. While studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem she met her future husband, Benyamim Tsedaka, a fellow history student. After graduating in History, Miriam worked in banking. She became vice-president of a leading Tel Aviv commercial bank and the mother of four children.
She first picked up a paint brush and discovered this outlet for her natural artistic talent after her retirement in 2005.

Holon Art Exhibition 2016

During July and August 2016 Miriam’s art was exhibited in the City Hall of Holon, south of Tel Aviv. The selection of paintings provided the first-ever opportunity for members of the public to see depictions of the Israelite Samaritans and their heritage. Miriam intends to take the exhibition to different cities in Israel and abroad. In the opening ceremony in Holon, Mrs Hannah Hertzman, Director-General of Holon City Hall welcomed Miriam. In addition, the Israelite Samaritan priest of Holon, Asaf ben Tabiaand gave his blessing.

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Currently, Miriam is  the only professional Samaritan painter.  She devotes three months to the creation of each painting. Prints of a selection of Miriam’s paintings are for sale below.

miriam tsedaka art
1. Sunrise Pilgrimage
miriam tsedaka art
2. Meditation on Gerizim
miriam tsedaka art
3. Father & Son Ascend Gerizim
miriam tsedaka art
4. Samaritan Camp, Paschal 1914
miriam tsedaka art
5. Pilgrim at Prayer
miriam tsedaka art
6. Homage
Miriam Tsedaka art
7. Nablus Synagogue



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