London Library Manuscripts Digitised

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30 September 2016

A.B. The Samaritan News

Number 1225

Samaritan Date: 30th Day, 6th Month 3655

30 september 2016

Headlines on 30 September 2016

Samaritan Manuscripts

At the British Library in London work has started on the task of digitising the Samaritan manuscript collection. The collection includes 178 manuscripts. The British Library hopes to make them accessible to all on the internet. From donations received, the British Library has invested one million pounds in this project. A Library source said they hope to complete the project by 2020.

30 september 2016
Ilana Tehan, Benny Tsedaka and Manuscript, London

5-a-Side Football Summer League

The 5-a-Side Football Summer League in Holon ended on a note of high enthusiasm. We can safely say that all the young men of the community who took part enjoyed a wonderful sporting experience.

Second Synagogue on Mount Gerizim

Significant progress has been made towards building the second Israelite Samaritan synagogue on Mount Gerizim.

Miriam Tsedaka Exhibition

Some 90 000 visitors saw the exhibition of Miriam Tsedaka’s paintings. The exhibition of Samaritan Heritage-themed paintings ran through July and August in Holon City Hall.

In The English Section

Nomia of Salona – A Samaritan Woman, or How I Found Out My Israelite Samaritan Origins

by Yaqob Bar Karoza

A 13th Century Samaritan Fragment

by Thomas Milner

View mauscripts online at The British Library

A.B. The Samaritan News Bi-Weekly Magazine.
Editors: The Brothers Benyamim Tsedaka and Yefet b. Ratson Tsedaka.
Established in Holon on 1 December 1969.
Now in its 46th year.


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London Library Manuscripts Digitised


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