Dates of Benny’s next Lecture Tour in Europe, South America and North America will appear on this page as they become available.

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Previous Lecture Tours have included the cities shown below

lecture tour 2016
Temple Sinai Lecture

ITALY, Milan








USA, Seattle


USA, North Carolina


USA, New York City


USA, Cincinnati


BRAZIL, Teresina


BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro


BRAZIL, São Paulo




Benny thanks his many hosts and friends, old and new, who support and assist him on his lecture tours.

Lecture, Workshop and Seminar Topics

Workshops and seminars may comprise single or combined topics.

Topics include:

The Israelite Samaritans: a Bridge for Peace (+ Power Point Presentation).


The Israelite Samaritans: Past, Present and Looking to the Future (+ Presentation).


The Israelite Samaritan Today: Maintaining Ancient Customs and Traditions in the Political and Social Milieu of Palestine and Israel (+ Presentation).


The Israelite Samaritan Cycle of Life: Personal Events and Festivals (+ Presentation).


Samaritan Liturgy: Prayers and Synagogues in Ancient Times and the Present Day (+ Presentation).


The Most Ancient Manuscript in North America: the Samaritan Scroll of Deuteronomy 9-34 in The Hebrew Union College Library, Cincinnati (+ Presentation).


King David and his Significance for Israelite Samaritan Sources.


The Temple of Moses Hidden in One of the Mount Gerizim Caves: Myth or Reality?


The Tragedy of the Stolen and Sold Ancient Samaritan Manuscripts (+ Presentation).


A Life’s Work: bringing the Israelite Samaritan version of the Torah to publication.  The first English translation, comparing the Samaritan and Masoretic versions.


The Most Significant Differences Between The Samaritan Pentateuch and The Jewish Masoretic (Traditional) Text, Reflecting Different Philosophies (+ Presentation).



How to Research and Read an Ancient Samaritan Manuscript of the Pentateuch.  World Collections and Auctions.


The Unique Heritage of Israelite Samaritan Music: the Most Ancient Hebrew Songs and Chants (+ Presentation and Singing).  Length of lecture: 75 minutes, Presentation: 10 minutes, Q&A: 20 minutes.


Reading Passages from the Torah and the Samaritan Liturgy.  The Significance of the Samaritan Liturgy. (90 minutes).


History of the Israelite Samaritan Keepers (See Here)

If you have an interest in a subject not mentioned here, or to enquire about bookings, honorarium and other expenses please Contact Hannah.

Benny’s reports and photos from his visits are on Facebook.

For background information about the Lecturer: Benny Tsedaka


Samaritan HISTORY


Choir and MUSIC


Samaritan RELIGION




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Photograph of Benny lecturing at Temple Sinai by Dale Lazar




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7 Responses

  1. John Lawlor

    Has the New York City lecture taken place yet? If not, I would like to attend. Can you provide details about the NYC visit if it has not taken place as of yet? I am a retired professor of Old Testament and have had a great interest in the Samaritan community since I attended the celebration of the Samaritan Passover at Gerizim in the spring of 1967. At that time I met Priest Tawfiek Taka Samri.

  2. Jeffrey Davis

    I had the honor of speaking with Benny last year in Cincinnati. Would love to attend his Cincinnati dates again.


    • Benyamim Tsedaka

      Happy to see you again, Jeff. I will be in Cincinnati Hebrew Union College in December 17-24. I am open to meeting you any time in between. Keep me posted please about your initiatives.

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