This page contains quotations from Marqeh, the greatest sage of the Samaritan tradition, who flourished in the 4th century CE.

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Celebration of God by Marqeh

moses, subject of marqeh
Moses with the Tablets of the Law Rembrandt van Rijn 1659 (Wikipedia Commons)

Great is the main power that remains forever!

Let us put the worship (dahaltah) of it before him!

The secret is not hidden and everything is at your fingertips.

He knows what was and what is now and what will be.

He is strengthening itself, one that has need of nothing.

He discovers all the secrets without learning:

it is not discovered, but it does what it requires.

There is no king and no ruler who can resist him.

YHWH, he is God and there is none beside him!

Great is one that is not great and all the greatness that belongs to you!

He taught Moses the secrets in the bush (Exodus 3: 2f) which revealed his greatness and his glory!

And the angel confronted him first and spoke to him about what was and what will happen.

Marqeh, Memar 1.1


Exaltation of Moses


And we must seek the truth and learn apostasy, wisdom is found in us, except in those times when we run in the direction of the wicked.

Let us watch the Truth and trust in YHWH, our Lord and Creator and also in Moses, our Prophet and Redeemer!

With the exception of Moses, the world would not have been created and none of these wonders would have been revealed.



Moses the great prophet, whom his lord dressed in his name, arose!

He lived in hidden things and was surrounded with Light.

The truth was revealed to him and he gave it written in his own hand.

He gave him ten precious sources to drink, seven above and three below.

Divinity designed for him the waters of life (mayah chayyah) that watered his heart, until it gave life.

Prophecy called him the waters of life who purified his soul, until he made his soul great.

Truth drew for him the waters of life, making his spirit great, until he was able to illuminate.

And the four names (of God*)  attracted the waters of life to him, so it can be raised and glorified everywhere.

Marqeh, Memar 2.9, 12

*The four names are:

Elah (God) (Exodus 7: 1);

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (I am who I am) (Exodus 03:14)

Anaki (I) (Exodus 03:15), and YHWH (Exodus 6: 3).


Waters of Life

In the depths of an abundant source is the life of the world.

Let us rise to the understanding of drinking its water!

We thirst for the waters of life.

There are big rivers here before us.

Blessed be God who brought into existence all the kinds of creatures because of Adam.

Worthy is the form that is in the image of God!

The heart shape is not the form of the appearance!

Marqeh, Memar 2.1


Fountain of Living Water


There is a fountain of living water excavated by a prophet whose like has not come from Adam,

and the water that is in it is the mouth of God.

We eat the fruit that is in this garden and also we drink the water that is in it.

There is no need for us to see him in a place we cannot reach.

“It is not in heaven” and not in the crossing of the sea [Deuteronomy 30: 12-13].

“In the mouth and heart” it is made [Deuteronomy 30:14].

And alas! Why not do it, far from us.

We do not learn what came down from heaven!

It was given to us and we believe in it.

It was with them; he was inside the Light.

And the glory was around, it was the word of God.

The Prophet received the message and his hand wrote.

And the Lord came down and dwelt with him.

Marqah, Memar 6.3


The Prophet & the Restorer


We will stay where we are and hear the truth, for our Lord and Master is merciful to us.

Let us therefore follow the great prophet Moses, leading us well, for he was sent to us by our Lord.

Where is there a life like that of the prophet Moses?

He was a good father to all Israel, bringing them up and taking care of them, satisfying God and healing them with prayers.

He was a good doctor, healing and giving consolation.

His words are the words of his Lord:

Believe in yourself! You will be safe from all wrath on the day of revenge you will be at rest.

Whoever believes in him believes in his Lord!

Woe to us if we do not remember that!

Let us believe in YHWH and in Moses his servant!



Illustrating marqeh
Moses Before the Burning Bush C14th, British Library (Wikipedia Commons)

The Restorer (Taheb) will come in peace.

He will rule the places of perfection and reveal the truth.

Watch and listen! Stay in the Truth! Cease your arguments!

“For Yahweh will judge his people.” [Deuteronomy 32: 36a]

The people of YHWH is Jacob, the root, and the branches, the parents and the children.

Noah is the root until the restorer comes.

The word of truth will penetrate and illuminate the world; he will live.

How long is the time it takes to hear the voice of God walking around the world, and all creatures must be in order and bow their heads.

Your heart will tremble and your eyes tilt, and the fear of Judgment Day presses.

And the mouth of the Deity will speak:

“I see now that I, I am he (ani ani hu)!” [Deuteronomy 32: 39a]

Those who rest and know it will be saved.

“See, I taught rules and judgments”. [Deuteronomy 4: 5]

“Only in their care”! [Deuteronomy 4: 9]

I, I (am) the one who is above creation and above Mount Sinai!

I, I (am), it is, and there is none beside me!

I, I (am) the one who is beyond time and place!

I, I (am) the one who is the life of the world (Chayyei ‘olam)!

I, I (am) the one who suspends and divides by my power!

I, I (am), the one who planted the garden and plucked Sodom!

I, I (am) the one who uprooted and stripped!

I, I (am) the one to whom everything belongs and to whom all fall back!

I, I (am) the one who puts life to death and makes all the dead live!

I, I (am) the one that confounds my enemies with revenge!

And now it is good for us to rely on the Truth, trembling because of our strength!

Perhaps we will find the path of prosperity!

Marqah, Memar 4.7, 12


Jacob’s Ladder


Wisdom is a light in the heart, and any heart that has no wisdom is like the blind groping in the dark.

For Wisdom is the ladder (sollam) lifted from the heart to the sky, if the heart is allowed to see each wonder as it is.

Jacob’s heart was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom (ruach hakamah); the wisdom that was in it was the wisdom of truth (qashat).

Marqah, Memar 6.3

Marqeh the greatest Samaritan Sage


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