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The first-ever Israelite Samaritan Medal is made from pure silver, and produced in Washington DC. The centre of one side features the summit of Mount Gerizim, from an engraving by an American artist. Around the mount is the Ancient Hebrew verse: “Shehma will bless you and will keep you” [Numbers 6:24]. Engraved on the other side is an illustration from the Parable of the Good Samaritan [Luke 10:29-37]. The iconic figure helps every person without prejudice. Similarly, around the figure is a verse in Ancient Hebrew, this time from a Samaritan hymn, “Peace will dwell in me in every place”.

So far, we have struck several hundred medals. Henceforth, the committee will award them to men and women who are prominent in peace-making, humanitarian activity, or Samaritan Studies. They will also award to those who make significant academic contributions in these fields. The Foundation awards the medal on behalf of the Israelite Samaritan People, in order to honour those who spread Samaritan values and heritage throughout the world.

Medal Committee

The members of the Medal Committee are: Benyamim Tsedaka, Chairman and founder; Ralph Benko, Director and founder (Washington D.C.); Sharon Sullivan, Director and secretary-general (Jerusalem); Jim Jabara, Director and editor (Michigan); Juanita Berguson,Director (Pennsylvania); Rabbi Shaul Parver, Director (Connecticut); Bill Collier, Director (Pennsylvania).

The other members of the Medal Foundation are John Berguson (Pennsylvania), Abd ElIlah Elattireh (Nablus), Professor Steve Fine (New York), Doctor Susan Graham (New Jersey), Doctor David Gilner (Cincinnati), Doctor Jim Ridolfo (Lexington, Kentucky), Yefet ben Ratson Tsedaka (Holon, Israel), Priest Phinhas ben Tzadiq (Kiryat Luza, Mount Gerizim), Aabed Cohen, Yitzhaq Altif and Asher Cohen, from Kiryat Luza, Mount Gerizim, advisers to the Board.

To be sure, many organisations offer ‘Samaritan medals’, recognising those who embody the behaviour of the Good Samaritan in their lives. However, few, if any, realise that ‘Samaritan’ is not merely an archaic term. Rather, it is the name of a living, vibrant people in the heart of the Middle East. Uniquely, Samaritans coexist with all sides on good terms, in a region more commonly associated with conflict.


The Samaritans themselves now step forward to offer the first and only Samaritan Medal awarded by the authentic Samaritan people of the Holy Land. We have a further aim: the Samaritan Medal symbolises the values which bridge all the People of the Book: the Children of Abraham. That is to say, Samaritans, Jews, Christians and Muslims. The spirit of the ‘Good Samaritan’ can live inside all people, even those who may be disparaged by others.

Specifically, we invite you to share this important work by demonstrating the values of the Good Samaritan in your own life.

The Foundation welcomes Nominations for potential recipients of the Samaritan Medal in the fields of Peace, Humanity and Samaritan Studies.

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The Medal Committee showcases the widely-praised medal on a website:

The website also shows details of medal recipients, past and present.




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