Sewerage System Improved in Kiryat Luza

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1 August 2017 A.B The Samaritan News Number 1244-1245 Article from the English Section on 1 August 2017 Connecting Palestinian Authority Samaritans with Israel By David Rosenberg   100 Samaritan families living in Palestinian Authority-controlled Shechem connected with Har Bracha … Continued

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Mount Gerizim Business Boost

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15 March 2016 A.B. The Samaritan News Number 1209-1210 Samaritan Year 3654 Headlines on 15 March 2016 Business Boosted on Mount Gerizim There has been an upturn for local business on Mount Gerizim. A manufacturing plant, museum, reference library, shops, restaurant, cafe, mini-supermarket, butcher’s shop … Continued

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