9th Congress of Samaritan Studies in Prague

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31 July 2016

A.B. The Samaritan News

Number 1221-1222

Samaritan Year 3654

31 july 2016

(Photo: Charles University, Prague, venue of the 2016 Congress of Samaritan Studies)

Headlines on 31 July 2016

Congress of Samaritan Studies

31 researchers from all over the world will gather at the Ninth International Congress of Samaritan Studies to speak about their research. The Congress starts on 31 July 2016 and continues until 5 August 2016.

The venue for the event is the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University in Prague.

The Congress programme includes:

The award of the Samaritan Medal (see below)

The Destruction of the Samaritan Temple by John Hyrcanus: a Reconsideration. J Bourgel

The Chroniclers’ Concept of Polemics Against the Samaritan YHWH Worshippers: a Fresh Attempt. B Hensel

On The Appearance of Samaritan Script. O Abadi

The Central State of Moses in Israelite Samaritan Literature through the Ages. B Tsedaka

An Unknown and Unique Samaritan Arabic Introductory Prayer by Abu I-Ḥasan aṣ‐Ṣuri. S Schorch

Ṣadaqa al‐Ḥaqīm and his Commentary on Genesis. H Shehadeh

Cousins and Strangers: Marital Preferences Among Contemporary Samaritans. M Schreiber

Le Projet de Traduction Française du Pentateuque Samaritain. D. Hamidović

The Samaritans During the Byzantine Period: Material Culture and Identity. E Baruch

How to Tell a Samaritan Synagogue from a Jewish Synagogue. R Pummer

If a Cuthean Comes and Forces You into Military Service (Pesiqta de‐Rav Kahana, Ha‐Hodesh, piska 5) – Anti‐Samaritan Polemics in a Homiletic Midrash. A Lenhardt

Whose Neighbour? How Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Samaritans Live Together in Nablus. J Droeber

Les Samaritains de Sicile et Samaritains en Sicile. V Morabito

Full Congress Programme (view, or download pdf)

In the English Section

The Programme of the Ninth Intrernational Congress of Samaritan Studies, beginning at Charles University, Prague on 31 July 2016

The Samaritan Medal for Academic Achievements in Samaritan Studies is awarded to well-known scholar Professor Reinhard Pummer, University of Ottawa, Canada. The award will take place at 18:00, on the opening day of the 9th Congress of Samaritan Studies in Prague.


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9th Congress of Samaritan Studies in Prague


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