Promised Land

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5 June 2017

A.B The Samaritan News

Number 1240-1241

5 june 2017 ab news

From the English Section on 5 June 2017

Prayers to Shehmaa for the People of Israel

by Dibboorah Bat Abraham Dias

Promised Land

Shehmaa lead to the promised land.
Shehmaa lead to your holy mountain.

There we want to prostrate before you and exalt
Shehmaa take us back to our land.
Earth, promised to the patriarchs,
Land flowing with milk and honey,
Earth that you have prepared.

Shehmaa, take us back to our house,
Shehmaa lead us to the promised land.
Promised to our ancestors.
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Shehmaa, lead us to the holy place,
To lie there before you.
We want to exalt you,
We want to worship you
In the place chosen by you.

We want to take our offer
Offerings of gratitude to you.
O, good and holy, O, worthy, Shehmaa take us back to our house.
Shehmaa takes you back to the holy hill
Shehmaa lead us to Mount Gerizim.
Shehmaa, takes you back to the holy hill
We want to lay before you
Oh most high
We want to praise you
We want to exalt you
Oh holy, lead us to the holy mountain.

Place of exaltation, place where you planted a garden.
Place where the bones of our ancestors are
Place of eternal abode.
Shehmaa take us back to the earth
Earth, on which stands Mount Gerizim

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Published in A.B The Samaritan News on 5 June 2017


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