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16 July 2017

A.B The Samaritan News

Number 1242-1243

16 july 2017

Article from the English section on 16 July 2017

Understanding The Israelite Samaritans From Ancient to Modern,

An Introductory Atlas

16 July 2017

Author: Benyamim Tsedaka

Language: English

23 cm x 30 cm

Soft cover

Illustrated throughout with colour photographs and maps

ISBN 978-965-220-888-0

The publication aims to spread awareness of the existence of one of the world’s oldest communities to the English-speaking world and to tourist centres in Israel and abroad.

The CEO of Carta Jerusalem, Mr Shay Hausman, informs me that the price of each copy of the book is NIS 55 (or $14.95) including VAT, for a single transaction to purchase up to 4 copies.

Discounts for larger quantities are as follows:

For 5-25 copies: 15%

For 26-50 copies: 20%

For 51-100 copies: 25%.

For orders exceeding 1000 copies the discount will correspond to the size of the order.

Purchasers in Israel can order directly from Carta, Jerusalem.

The book is available from Amazon.com through this link:

understanding israelite samaritansAmazon.com

understanding israelite samaritansAmazon UK


Benny Tsedaka


Emmanuel Hausman writes:

The Samaritans are a small community that claims to descend from the ancient Israelites – from the biblical kingdom of Israel, and have continued the Northern Israelite lineage and heritage. The Samaritans are associated with one of the most famous New Testament parables, known as “The Good Samaritan”. It recounts the incident of a Samaritan man who went out to aid a roadside victim, beaten, robbed and left to die near Jericho. The Gospels also tell of Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.

Like Jews, the Samaritans base their religion on the Torah. Their holy site is at Mount Gerizim, near Shechem, in the heart of the region of Samaria, rather than in Jerusalem.

A richly-illustrated narrative of a unique community surviving, despite the odds, since biblical times.

Published in A.B The Samaritan News on 16 July 2017

See the Understanding the Israelite Samaritans page


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