Nethanel ben Abraham

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Nethanel ben Abraham (1930-2013)

nethanel ben abraham
High Priest Nethanel ben Abraham

‏Deputy High Priest and Head Cantor of the Israelite Samaritan Community, Nethanel ben Abraham (1930-2013) gave his soul to the Merciful Creator on 31 January 2013. He died in Petach Tikva Rabin Centre Hospital after a long illness.

The Israelite Samaritan Community is now in deep mourning, following his death. He was buried in the Samaritan Cemetery in Kiriat Luza on the top of Mount Gerizim, above Nablus, Samaria.

Deputy High ‏Priest Nethanel ben Abraham was born in Nablus in 1930 and educated by the High Priests of the Israelite Samaritan Community. From his childhood he was seen to be wise, and readily absorbed the Samaritan Tradition. He was prominent as a cantor in the main synagogue due to the power of his beautiful voice. He became Head Cantor, and through his teaching passed on the Israelite Samaritan heritage.

Thanks to his rich personality he also led the worshippers in the synagogue, and could sing all the songs and hymns of the Samaritan poetic tradition. He trained many of the new cantors to lead prayers in the synagogues. As Deputy High Priest, he assisted the High Priest in directing Samaritan religious life, and assisted individuals through times of sadness and times of joy.

It is a sad time for the whole community, and he will be greatly missed by all. He leaves a widow, Paz, the families of his three sons and two daughters, including many grandchildren, and a brother and two sisters.

‏May his soul rest in peace until the time when it will reside in paradise for evermore.

‏There is no one immortal but the Almighty.


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Nethanel ben Abraham


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