Samaritans and Qumran

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29 January 2016

A.B. The Samaritan News

Number 1203-1204

Samaritan Date 20.10.3654

29 January 2016

(Photo: Shem and Tomer, the first twins of 2016 with their mother Yaqira)

Headlines on 29 January 2016

Samaritans and Qumran

A New Comparative Research of the Customs of the Israelite Samaritans and the Sects of Judean Desert of the Second Temple Period by the scholar Paul Pessach Heger.

Amazon Paul Heger page

President Rivlin

The President of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin welcomed with blessings a copy of The History of the Israelite Samaritans Based on Their Own Sources, when it was presented to him at a meeting with elders of the Samaritan community. The President encouraged the literary creativity of the Samaritans. For further details see the post President Rivlin Receives Medal.


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Samaritans and Qumran


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