Girona Choral Music Festival 2013

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The Israelite Samaritan Choir will perform at the Girona Choral Music Festival in Girona, Spain 28th July – 2nd August 2013

The Choir sings the most ancient Israelite music known, a tradition maintained over three thousand years, from the origins of the People of Israel, our forefathers.

We sing acapella in ancient Hebrew. The choral group numbers twenty four. Due to the severe economic crisis in Spain we are limiting the budget, and plan to attend with seven singers. The festival features many choirs from all over the world. We are due to perform two or three times during the festival. The full programme is due to be issued within two weeks.

Choir director and conductor Benyamim Tsedaka is honoured to have been invited to be a member of the Executive Committee of the Festival.

choir at girona choral music festival


By Benyamim Tsedaka, Conductor and Director of the Choir, Member of the Organising Committee of Girona Festival

Introduction by Conductor Benyamim Tsedaka, in English [5 minutes]

Song 1: Song of the Sea by Miriam the Prophetess – Exodus Chapter 15 – by the Choir [3:40 mins]

Song 2: Song of the Sea by Miriam the Prophetess – Exodus Chapter 15 – by Ricky and Aabed [1:40 mins]

Song 3: Song of the Sea by Moses and Sons of Israel – Exodus Chapter 15 – by the Choir [5:30 mins]

Song 4: Special Singing by switching the syllables – Singers of the Choir [5:20 mins]

Song 5: Left and Right Singing – The Almighty the Merciful – The Choir [4:00 mins]

Song 6: Praise to Moses – The Choir [4:00 mins]

Song 7: Wine Song – Ricky and The Choir [3:00 mins]

Song 8: Anthem – The Choir [4:00 mins]

Time in total: approx 40 mins

To book the Israelite Samaritan Choir for a future performance please contact us HERE


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Photography: Ori Orhof


Girona Choral Music Festival 2013


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