Rabbi SM Praver Awarded Samaritan Medal

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Rabbi SM Praver writes:
Rabbi SM PraverOn Sunday, November 24, I was awarded the Samaritan Peace Medal. This award was presented to me by Samaritan Chancellor Benyamim Tsedaka who is the co-editor of A.B.—The Samaritan News, and tireless advocate of the Samaritan people and their rich historical traditions.

The Samaritan Medal for Peace and Humanitarian Achievement is awarded by the Samaritan People of the Holy Land for efforts to further Peace, Humanitarian Service and Samaritan Studies. The recipient should demonstrate the spirit of the Good Samaritan through their life and actions.

This is only the seventh Samaritan Medal awarded by the authentic Samaritan people themselves. They wish to let everyone know that they are a living, vibrant group of around 800 people in the heart of the Middle East, with the unique distinction of getting along well with all sides in that land of conflict.

It was a wonderful evening that I shall cherish always and forever. I appreciate Chairman Tsedaka’s efforts and I shall always be a friend and support to him and the Samaritan people. It was humbling to receive the Samaritan Medal for Peace and Humanitarian Achievement. I shall honor it by continuing the work I have begun.

Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver
Newtown Synagogue
Connecticut, USA

Photo: Rabbi Shaul Praver (holding medal) with Benny Tsedaka


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