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A snow storm on Mount Gerizim traps the Israelite Samaritan Community. Israeli and Palestinian forces co-operate to help.


Unexpectedly heavy snow, not seen before in the middle of December has hit Kiriat Luza, the Samaritan Neighbourhood on Mount Gerizim, Samaria, the Land of Promise. Electricity and water were cut for 48 hours and the situation remains difficult, with snow still falling.

Palestinian and Israeli forces were drafted in to help the trapped community with food, and  to clear snow from the main road to the top of the mountain. The leadership of the Israelite Samaritan Community on Mount Gerizim has expressed gratitude to the authorities.
The community is well now, thanks to the activity of the elected committee of the Mount Gerizim community and leading personalities of the community of Holon, near Tel Aviv.

I am still on my world tour, currently in Cincinnati, but my heart is with each member of my people.

Benyamim Tsedaka


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